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Tiny Home Talk - Salt Spring Island

Dreaming of building your own tiny home one day? Curious about why so many are choosing to "live tiny", and what it can mean for your community? Join us January 25, 2018 at the Salt Spring Public Library for an engaging, interactive session with Permaculture and Tiny Home educator Kenton Zerbin. Tickets are $20, cash at the door, seating limited to 60.

In between teaching his popular Tiny Home Design and Building Education Course in Nanaimo and Victoria, Kenton is making a stopover in Salt Spring for a frank discussion about these popular alternative dwellings, including some of the common roadblocks tiny home owners encounter at the building and permitting stage.

The talk will be divided into two parts. Part I will address some of the following:
- Pros and cons of tiny living
- Types of tiny homes, and how to choose the right one for you
- The basic “rules” of tiny homes, including sizes, lengths, and other limitations

Part II will be a Q & A session about anything related to tiny homes!

*Please note, Kenton is from Edmonton, AB, and while he has plenty of general zoning and building code advice, he's not an expert on Gulf Island building regulations or Island Trust land use bylaws.