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Victoria Summer Workshop


Victoria wEekend Foundation Course
June 15-17

Geared toward anyone, from custom builders to those just starting their tiny home journey, these inspiring 2.5-day workshops are led by popular Edmonton-based educator and speaker Kenton Zerbin, who lives and works out of the all-season, off-grid tiny home he designed with his wife Melissa.

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Over two and a half days, participants will learn the "nuts and bolts" of how to design and build their very own tiny house. Included in this course, we will discuss trailer options, floor plans, legalities and living systems. Students will be walked through the steps of construction, and learn many do's and dont's that will save them grief and money.

Learn how to make your custom tiny home have a responsible ecological footprint, save energy, lower your costs, and be totally tailored to YOUR dreams and needs. The workshop is geared to all skill levels, from custom builders to those who are just beginning their tiny home research journey. We will arm you with all the information you need to avoid pitfalls and get a smooth start!

Cost: $399
Friday June 15th 6-9 pm / Saturday & Sunday 9-5 pm
Venue: the beautiful Roundhouse Farm just 15 minutes from downtown Victoria, 1506 Burnside Rd West

About your instructor: Kenton Zerbin

Kenton Zerbin (www.kzpermaculture.ca) is a passionate teacher and permaculture ambassador who empowers others to repair degraded landscapes, grow food and build community. For the past five years, Kenton has worked across Canada as an educator, designer, and consultant in the field of permaculture and for the tiny house movement. 

A government teacher by training, Kenton's specialty now is in facilitating a quality education as a professionally certified Permaculture teacher. He has spent several years studying, designing and teaching Permaculture across Australia, Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean. He has designed multiple properties, started a Permaculture Research Institute in Barbados, and been a guest speaker for gardening groups, education conferences and Universities alike. Kenton now resides and teaches in central Alberta with his wife Melissa in the tiny house they designed and built. More at: http://kzpermaculture.ca/

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In this course, you will learn:

  • Pros and cons of tiny living (yes, there ARE cons!)

  • The types of tiny homes, and how to choose the right one for you

  • The basic “rules” of tiny homes, including sizes, lengths, and other limitations

  • Your dream floor plan and how to lay it out in scale

  • How to build around “The Big 5”: orientation, thermal mass, insulation, glazing, and ventilation

  • How to plan your project like a master, and know what to do first, second, third…

  • Incorporation living systems: heating, plumbing, waste, and electricity

  • Construction steps, including framing, insulation, flooring, windows and doors, roofing

This course gives you a lot of practical knowledge in a short period of time, and first-hand tiny home experiences. It puts you together in a way just internet research never could. And you meet a bunch of great people!
— Dallas M.

In addition, these workshops are an opportunity to build community and join forces with others who are working towards the necessary bylaw changes to allow tiny homes in Vancouver Island municipalities. “There are many communities across Canada making great strides in the conversation around how we house and grow our communities sustainably, and I’m glad that tiny houses are finally part of the dialogue as a potential solution,” says Zerbin.

Groups such as the Tiny House Advocates of Vancouver Island (www.THAVI.ca) welcome Zerbin’s positive, solutions-based approach to working with municipalities and regulatory bodies with the goal of making alternative dwellings more mainstream. “We believe the time has come to work with local governments to make tiny houses a legal and acceptable housing option,” says organizer Denise Clowater.

Roundhouse Farm

The setting for your workshop is an Organic Farm and event venue in Victoria B.C. A peaceful place for people to come together for retreat, learning, music and celebration. Enjoy exploring our working organic farm, acres of peaceful land, and the beautiful roundhouse. More images at: http://roundhousefarm.co/