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Tiny House SaltSpring Island Workshop


Salt Spring Island wEekend Course
With Ben Garratt

This workshop offers you a great way to ramp up your tiny house journey by providing you with all of the design inspiration and information you need to start designing your own tiny home. Early-bird tickets are $299 until September 30th. From October 1, tickets are $349. Ben also has a tiny house build workshop in the works on Salt Spring Island for Spring of 2019 - stay tuned for more details! 



Over two and a half days, participants will learn the "nuts and bolts" of how to design and build their very own tiny house. Included in this course, we will discuss trailer options, floor plans, legalities and living systems. Students will be walked through the steps of construction, and learn many dos and don’ts that will save them grief and money.

Learn how to make your custom tiny home have a responsible ecological footprint, save energy, lower your costs, and be totally tailored to YOUR dreams and needs. The workshop is geared to all skill levels, from custom builders to those who are just beginning their tiny home research journey. We will arm you with all the information you need to avoid pitfalls and get a smooth start!

Cost: $299 - 349 (after Sept 30th)
Schedule: Saturday Nov. 3rd 9 am to Sunday Nov 4th 5 pm
Venue: Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, 355 Blackburn Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2B8
Accommodations: https://www.saltspringcentre.com/programs-retreats/personal-retreats/


In this course, you will learn:

  • Pros and cons of tiny living (yes, there ARE cons!)

  • The types of tiny homes, and how to choose the right one for you

  • The basic “rules” of tiny homes, including sizes, lengths, and other limitations

  • Your dream floor plan and how to lay it out in scale

  • How to plan your project like a master, and know what to do first (and second, third…)

  • Incorporating living systems: heating, plumbing, waste, and electricity

  • Construction steps, including framing, insulation, flooring, windows and doors, roofing

    In addition, these workshops are a great opportunity to build community and join forces with others who are working towards the necessary bylaw changes to allow tiny homes in many municipalities.

    Get started on your tiny home journey by learning all the essentials so you can be confident and do it right!

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About your Instructor: Ben Garratt

Your instructor is Ben Garratt, who has been building tiny houses and running workshops for many years through Tiny Healthy Homes. Ben is an electrician and general contractor by trade.

I use my mechanical background, natural building techniques and love of community to create artistic built spaces that will keep their inhabitants happy and healthy for generations. All of my projects are completed in collaboration with a team of talented and like-minded creatives and tradespeople. 

After years of working as a general contractor in Australia, taking on residential and large commercial contracts, Ben’s health began to suffer; his body was telling him to reduce his exposure to toxic materials. The misalignment between his values and conventional building was becoming tough to ignore. Ben began learning everything he could about natural building and gained experience with it wherever he could. He immediately started bringing aspects of natural building and permaculture to every job.  

Ben lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two young children. When they can, they spend Canadian winters in Australia and New Zealand to enjoy building during their summer. Learn more about his building approach at www.bengarratt.com/about/