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Our Team

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Our Team

Tiny House Courses B.C. brings you the best
builders, teachers and advocates to help you live big with a tiny footprint.


Kenton Zerbin
Tiny House & Permaculture Design teacher

Kenton Zerbin is a passionate teacher and ambassador for sustainable living. For the past five years he has worked as an educator, designer, and consultant, in the field of Permaculture and for the tiny house movement.

Starting his career with a Bachelor of Education, Kenton took up teaching environmental and life education to adults and youth. Seeking content relevant for preparing youth for a sustainable future, Kenton became certified as a Permaculture Designer and then as an international Permaculture Instructor. Kenton’s journey has lead him around the world including a year in Australia, across Canada, into the United States, and to Barbados where he helped found and launch a school for Permaculture.

When not teaching abroad Kenton runs a local teaching business - KZPermaculture.ca - in Alberta where he and his wife live in an off-grid tiny house they designed and built.

Ben lives and works in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two young children.

Ben lives and works in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two young children.

Ben Garratt
Tiny House Builder, Teacher

Ben Garratt of Tiny Healthy Homes loves designing, building and helping people to create their dream HOME. He is a qualified electrician and carpenter and has been a general contractor for 15 years. After years of building, he discovered he had to reduce his exposure to toxic materials, and this propelled him into learning everything he could about natural building. He immediately started bringing aspects of natural building and Permaculture to every job.

Ben uses his mechanical background, natural building techniques and love of community to create artistically-built spaces that will keep their inhabitants happy and healthy for generations. All of his projects are completed in collaboration with a team of talented and like-minded creatives and tradespeople.


Tobi Elliott
Organizer & Visionary

Tobi wears many hats (when she can fit them over her dreds): community organizer and activist, documentary filmmaker, horse-momma and passionate advocate for sustainable development in her beloved community of Gabriola Island.

She organized the first tiny house teaching course for Gabriola in 2016 because she saw the need for a new kind of housing solution for the island. She is dedicated to bringing tiny home education to other communities and keeping the conversation alive about how to live in balance with our resources. Some of her other work can be found at: tobielliott.com.

Claire Prosser
Logistics & International Woman of Mystery

When Claire isn't piloting the high seas or saving the ex-President (the good one obviously, not those other ones) from dangerously stray coconuts, or baking gluten-free, mouthwatering marvels for her friends, you can find her pretty much... no where. You can't find her, unless she wants to be found. But when you need her, she's there.

Pretty much we've got a lock on Wonder Woman, so hands off, Batboy.

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