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Live Big with a Tiny Footprint


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Introduction to
Tiny house
design & building

Over two and a half days, participants learn the "nuts and bolts" of designing and building their very own tiny house. This course covers trailer options, floor plans, legalities and both on-and off-grid living systems. Students are walked through the steps of construction, the "big 5" technical topics (orientation, thermal mass, insulation, glazing and ventilation) and learn dos and don'ts that will save them grief and money.  

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Hands-on Exercises
to help you learn how to
Design your Own Tiny HousE

Kenton Zerbin teaches practical approaches to designing a tiny home backed by a wealth of thoroughly-researched information on everything from trailer options, floor plans, legalities and living systems, along with step-by-step instruction on every aspect needed to build a small space. Students learn by doing, and classes are a mixed-delivery of video, theory, hands-on practical application and outdoor exercises to keep you engaged in the process! And... it will be fun!


Live big with a tiny footprint

Learn how to design and build your own tiny house with an responsible ecological footprint. We offer courses that will teach you how to lower costs, save energy and work creatively with your available resources. These workshops are geared toward all skill levels, from custom builders to those who are just beginning their tiny house research journey.

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